Netflix coming to "select Android handsets" early 2011

If you’re an Android user that’s been a bit miffed by the lack of Netflix availability on the platform, then I have some good news for you: it should be coming in early 2011. However, I also have some bad news for you: it’s only coming to “select” handsets.

Select handsets? What’s the deal with that? Well, it seems that it’s Android’s lack of a strong, system-wide DRM/security system that’s been holding it back. Y’see, Netflix have to do a lot of hurdle jumping in order to appease the studios whose movies they distribute, and one of them is that the movies come laced with DRM.

So, without a standard DRM system on Android, what’s the solution? Only allow Netflix on devices where the manufacturers have worked closely with Netflix to enable a special DRM scheme on the handset.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal, and Netflix hope to eventually create a single, common DRM scheme that works on all Android handsets. In the mean-time, however, you’re just going to have to hope that your phone is supported.

There is no list of compatible phones or manufacturers just yet, but we’ll let you know when we hear something.

[via Into Mobile]