Kinect Hits One Million Sold

Microsoft’s Kinect, born in absurdity and embraced by Oprah, appears to be outselling rival Sony’s Move controller by factor of around three to one. An announcement was made today that a million have been sold in just ten days, far exceeding the number of Moves that have sold since September. Congrats to Microsoft — now let’s get the grown-up games out, yeah?

With a million sold and likely another million to be bought before the holidays, the market for effective hacks is going to be quite large. I was impressed by the capabilities of the Move, but people are already blowing my mind with Kinect stuff as well. The future is here, though it’s not necessarily the same future Microsoft was advertising.

The limitations and dangers of the system have been discussed ad nauseum, but it appears that the average consumer just finds the idea compelling. It is something of a concession to the growing casual gaming crowd, but I think we’ll also see some blockbuster games on it once developers get a feel for what can and can’t be done.

All right, no more Kinect sales numbers posts for a while. It’s selling well, that’s all you need to know, really.