Plasma TVs Ready To Fight, Out Grew LCDs Last Quarter

Plasma TVs aren’t dead, yo. LCDs might be the popular kid at Best Buy, but according to a report by Quixel Research, sales of plasma TVs were up 28% from Q2 2010 to Q3 2010 and up 15% over 2009 numbers. That’s huge.

Quixel Research notes that the 720p plasma segment did particular well with 42-inchers up 27% and 50-inchers up 64%. Why you ask? Well, 720p plasma TVs are a good deal less expensive than LCDs. Plus, when compared to the bottom-feeder LCDs sold at similar prices, the plasmas sets often have a lot better image quality and brand recognition.

I’ll recommend a plasma over an LCD any day of the week unless glare is a major factor. Screen resolution doesn’t even come into play unless the shopper is looking for something larger than a 50-inch and actually plans on watching Blu-ray movies. Otherwise, plasmas kick the crap out of similarly-priced LCD’s contrast ratio and viewing angle. It’s a no-brainer in my mind and I’m glad to see my display type of choice is doing well in the free market. Yay for plasma TVs!