Steam Causes Game Publisher To Run Out Of Product Key (But Everything's OK Now)

A funny thing happened at the weekend. One of the Steam deals was for Risen, an RPG that came out in 2009. I hear it’s pretty good, actually. Well, at least the PC version was OK. Anyhow, the game was on sale for $14.95 (50 percent off its regular price, in other words), and so many people bought the game that its publisher, Deep Silver, ran out of activation keys! Yes: Steam sold more games than the publisher was even prepared to sell!

There’s really no point in saying “Steam is nifty” anymore, since we all know that to be true. It’s not a perfect service, no, but, for example, how many brick-and-mortar retailers could you walk into today that still has something like Risen in stock and on the shelves?

Not many, correct.

Deep Silver says the issue has already been sorted, and that you should be able to play the game just fine now.

So, publishers: ready yourselves for the upcoming Steam holiday sale. Come on, Civilization V!