New Casio Green Slim Projectors Hit 3000 Lumens

Casio has upped the lumens on its Green Slim projector range, and changed… as far as I can tell, nothing else but the price. But hey, with HD resolution, a nice form factor, and now a full 3000 lumens, there isn’t too much they really need to change.

They come in two flavors and resolutions, as they did before: 1280×800 or 1024×768, and with or without USB/wireless connectivity. They all have laser/LED hybrid lighting with a life estimated at 20,000 hours.

The specs of the high-end XJ-A255V can be found here, and the rest are in this list — look for the ones with 3000 lumens. To be honest, you can probably save a bundle by just getting the 2000-lumen ones and dimming the lights a bit more, but who am I to tell you what you should buy?