Sony Announces HandyCam NXCAM, An E-Mount Super-35 Sensor Camcorder
Sony will be showing off a new Handycam tomorrow, the NXCAM. It’s a “for professional” camera that uses E-mount lenses (we’ve seen them in the NEX series and Sony’s last interchangeable lens Handycam, the VG10) and has a Super-35-sized CMOS sensor. Beyond that and some format info, there really wasn’t much announced.

One good thing, though, is that 24/25p support is being pledged right out of the gate. Hopefully they won’t gimp it — Sony loves them some AVCHD and 24/25p will be H.264/MP4, and there may be quality differences. At any rate, it’s better than the VG10, which from what I understand only shoots interlaced. That’s some weak sauce. No pricing information now, but Sony said the new camcorder would be available in mid-2011.

It’s a nice-looking thing, and not having multiple sensors or too many built-in features could keep the price sane. I’m going to guess… $3500. We’ll see how accurate I was when the camera gets priced in six months or so. Update: Uhhh, no. Probably more like $20,000.

[via Akihabara News]