Anticipating FDA Ban, Four Loko Ditches Caffeine

Surely you’ve heard of Four Loko, the hot new energy drink that contains both caffeine and alcohol? It’s a party in a can! They tried it yesterday on Ron & Fez, and you could tell that some of the guys (read: Mark Zito) were already slurring their words after a few sips. Now the bad news: the FDA is expected to ban the drink in an announcement later today. Better buy one before they’re all sold out.

The drink’s creator, Phusion Products, has gone one step ahead of the FDA by removing the caffeine, guarana, and taurine from the drink. I guess that leaves Four Loko a bad-tasting weak beer. At that point you might as well Ice Ric Flair.

The reason for the expected ban is that, apparently, it’s illegal to sell caffeinated alcoholic drinks.

Does that mean it’s illegal to sell vodka+Red Bull at bars? Granted, I have’t had one of those in something like three years, but there wasn’t anything suspicious in buying it.