AT&T has now upgraded 80% of its network to HSPA+

If you’re lucky enough to own an AT&T HSPA+ device (as in, a USB modem), then you’ll probably be pleased to hear that they’ve now upgraded about 80% of their network to 4G-like speeds, just for you.

Boasting to PC World today, AT&T CTO John Donovan confirmed the numbers, and also said that the growth of mobile data uptake over the last three years has slowed from the 50x increase seen a few months ago, to a mere (hah) 30x growth rate.

It’s worth noting that, overall, this represents a three thousand percent increase in data usage over the last few years, thanks largely to smartphones (*cough* iPhone *cough*).

However, despite T-mobile’s two offerings, there are still no HSPA+ compatible devices riding these waves. Perhaps AT&T are waiting until they begin to roll out LTE next year before dropping any 4G bombs, but — to me — it seems a bit of a wasted opportunity.

[via Engadget]