Honda Shows Off Its Fit EV

We heard a little while back that Honda was beginning to go public with its new hybrid and EV line for 2012, and sure enough, today at the LA Auto Show they unveiled the concept electric Fit. It doesn’t sound particularly original, and the Leaf and Volt will be beating it to market by a year, but hey, the more the merrier.

Here are some basic stats and facts:

  • ~100mi range
  • 90MPH top speed
  • Coaxial electric motor provides ~2.0L performance
  • 12hr charge at 120V, 6hr charge at 240V
  • Compatible with Honda-branded “charging stand”
  • Normal, Econ, and Sport drive modes
  • Smartphone and computer applications for monitoring battery, assistance, etc.

So the usual. No pricing or anything like that, but it’s supposed to go into production in 2012. More information at Honda.