Android Ties iOS In Ad Impressions

Let’s add this to the pile of “Android taking over the world” data. A five-month study on ad impressions by Millennial Media has shown Android rapidly overtaking iOS in the US, to the point where just last month they were tied for smartphone ad market share. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this indicates a larger majority by Android, since (though all I have is anecdotal evidence) iOS users are bigger on using the web on their phones. That could just be my own bias, though.

Android has been gaining steadily over the last few months, though the gains are irregular, and the charts seem to indicate that the newest stats are worldwide, while the previous months are US only. That may simply be a mix-up by the chart guy, though. There are also the usual caveats as regards the idea of which is more “successful,” having to do with how many carriers, how many phones, fragmentation and all that, most of which Android gets the worst of. But you can’t deny that the numbers are increasing, and chances are they’re going to keep increasing.

The device mix is still quite a hodge-podge. The iPhone leads the pack, but the survey did not differentiate between models, and when you lump together several versions of phone, you do tend to stack the percentages a bit. Non-smartphone devices also clogged the top 10 mobile consumers, so I’m not sure that particular measure is worth paying too close of attention too.

I’d be more interested to see a comparison of bandwidth consumed per user. Now that would be revealing.