Cousin David Pogue And Uncle Walt Mossberg Finally Give Their Thoughts On Google TV

Google TV reviews dropped everywhere the last few weeks, but if you were anxiously fidgeting around, wondering when Pogue’s and Mossberg’s takes were going to hit, you can settle down now. They both published their reviews today as if it was planned. But don’t expect any deep insight from the two. It’s just more doom, gloom and telling you to wait. (You should wait. I said that two weeks ago.)

Walt S. Mossberg

But, for now, I’d relegate Google TV to the category of a geek product, not a mainstream, easy solution ready for average users. It’s too complicated, in my view, and some of its functions fall short.

David Pogue

This much is clear: Google TV may be interesting to technophiles, but it’s not for average people. On the great timeline of television history, Google TV takes an enormous step in the wrong direction: toward complexity.

Google TV is one of those products where you have to use it over an extended period of time just to get it, let alone understand how it works. There is deffinitly a future to the system. The way it sits between your cable box and HDTV means it sort of avoids the “it’s another box” syndorom. I’m still saying to hold off a bit — or even look at the Boxee Box instead — but don’t totally write-off Google TV.