Razer's Nostromo, For WASDers Who Don't Need The Rest Of The Keyboard

We’ve seen things like this before, and while they do look comfortable, I’m wary of customizing my desktop to the point where I have a whole different set of WASD keys for my game-playing convenience. If I did get a WASD-gripper, though, this Nostromo from Razer is looking like a pretty solid choice. It’s a hell of a lot like the old Belkin one, but adds improved on-board memory and configuration.

The Nostromo is what it looks like: a disembodied piece of keyboard, with an 8-way rocker on it and onboard memory for storing profiles and macros. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense for a serious gamer, though for $70 (the asking price) you could get a new fancy keyboard instead, something you’ll probably use more often.

Either way, the thing is available now over at Razer. Surprise the hardcore gamer in your family with one.