There's Now An MMO Keyset For The SteelSeries Shift Keyboard

We’re, what, three weeks away from the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm? Yes… I have noticed the sun shining brighter, the air tasting sweeter of late. Right on cue, then, is the new the new MMO keyset for SteelSeires’ Shift keyboard.

As you might expect, the point is to make it a little bit easier to play MMOs without having to buy a full-on, dedicated MMO keyboard, (All you’d need is the Shift, then this keyset.) There’s dedicated buttons for common tasks (trade, duel, and the like) and emotes (yell, etc.).

And obviously it plays nice with your many macros you have set up.

Probably more important than the keyset itself is the fact that SteelSeries has shown the Shift keyboard so much love. Like, SteelSeries didn’t just release he keyboard, create one generic FPS keyset, then leave the keyboard dormant.

And yes, I know there’s already a Cataclysm-specific Shift keyset, but perhaps you don’t Deathwing, cool as he is, all over your keyboard?

Like the other keysets, it’s $24.99. You’ll need the Shift keyboard, too, which is $89.99.