TJ Maxx Selling iPad For $399

Everyone, quick! To your local TJ Maxx! I’m not sure where that would be in Seattle, but I wish I’d held off buying an iPad until today, since the department store appears to be offering the iPad (in one location at least) for a mind-blowing $399. Well, it’s not mind-blowing, really, but you rarely see Apple flagship products being offered at such major discounts.

Could this be the forerunner to a holiday iPad sale? As cool as that would be, I doubt it. Apple isn’t the type to raise and lower the prices of their products willy-nilly for this kind of thing, as far as I remember. Plus, the thing is already topping buyers’ wish lists.

Engadget’s tipster found this one in Vernon, NY, and a couple other stores have borne fruit, but say they’re holding their stock for Black Friday. Doorbuster much?