Common Sense Prevails: Pilots Now Exempt From Enhanced Security Pat-Downs

Finally, some common sense when it comes to airline security. Pilots will henceforth be exempt from security screenings at airports. This includes those highly invasive enhanced pat-downs that have been used post-ink toner plot.

Does this eliminate the utter stupidity of patting down infants and silver-haired grandmothers. No, clearly it doesn’t, but maybe it shows that the TSA isn’t completely unmovable with its positions.

The Pilots’ association said, bluntly, “Pilots are not the threat here; we’re the target.”

Yes. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how that wasn’t an accepted truth from Day One.

And just as a heads-up, John Tyner, the man whose videos of the TSA acting all TSA-y, has posted a new post on his blog. He’s quite articulate with his views, not some lunatic with an agenda.