It's On: 10am Is Four Loko Time

Here it comes! The Swill-Drinking Event of the Season! I will drink, over the course of an hour not one but two Four Lokos. You can watch me here or pop over to the main page to chat. I’ll also show off the Galaxy Tab and the NookColor while I do it, but those are ancillary to our goals.

Why am I doing this? Partially because it’s funny and partially to express outrage at the potential FDA ban as well as outrage at Four Loko for releasing this junk into the wild. But then again, who am I to judge? I used to drink far worse in my college days and I worry that my aged carapace will shutter and fall in onto my emaciated, jerky-tough body like the Skeksis in Dark Crystal

Basically, we’ll spend about an hour discussing the various states of inebriation I pass through and I’ll try to post a few things as well to test, you know, my brain. Considering I have stuff to do this afternoon, I’m not looking forward to 11am.

UPDATE – We’re all fine here. We have a very bad aftertaste. We shouldn’t have had drinks at 10am.