Weekend Giveaway: One Of Two Swatch New Gent Watches

It’s important to accessorize! That’s why I wear the “private” bone of a racoon around my neck on a leather cord and that’s why you need one of two Swatch New Gent Watches. How do you win? I’d hoped you’d know all about this by now.

First, pick a color either above or here (there are a few colors that aren’t as, shall we say, “bold” there) and mention your color below. We’ll pick two winners on Monday at Noon Eastern, provided I’m not drunk.

Swiss fashion watch and jewellery maker SWATCH presents The Swatch New Gent Collection. Ten trendy models in understated wintery colors The new collection takes the classic Swatch Gent—creative, inventive and full of stylish fun—and transforms it into a bigger, bolder, positively provocative statement. Designed for the active man or woman with an eye for the big new trends in accessories and art for the wrist.

UPDATE – Congrats to Leigh and Elena.
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