ChromaLED 3D6: Japanese Company Shows 280-Inch 3D LED Display System

Another day, another 3D-related news item. I guess you never heard about Hibino, but the Tokyo-based electronics company has shown two interesting new products [JP, PDF] today. First, there’s the ChromaLED 3D6, a LED-based display system that’s sized at a whopping 280 inches (pictured above) and that can produce 3D images.

The ChromaLED 3D6 that Hibino showed today during a press conference in Tokyo is made of multiple LED 3D units which ares sized at 38 inches each and feature 730cd/m2 brightness. The 280-inch system has 1,024×576 resolution, with Hibino saying they can produce systems double the size, too, if there’s demand.

The company also showcased another model, the ChromaLED 3D4 (pictured below). While the 3D6 comes with 6mm pitch LED screens,the 74-inch 3D4 pitch even stands at just 4mm – a world’s first, according to Hibino. The screens the system is composed of are a little weaker though (for example, they just feature 510cd/m2 brightness).

Viewers can switch between 2D and 3D with the push of a a button, with both systems requiring glasses to view images in 3D.

They can be ordered from Hibino starting today (no word on pricing other than that the systems will be marketed with an “open price model”).

Via AV Watch [JP]