Deal of the day: Get a Samsung Focus from Walmart, also get $25

Today must be opposite day, as Walmart will give you money when you purchase a Windows-Phone-7-powered Samsung Focus.

By using some crazy overlapping mail-in-rebate magic, you can score yourself $25 when you purchase the phone using the promo code 25rafpcver1 at the checkout.

Let me show you the maths:

Start with the $199 purchase price.
Subtract the $100 Walmart gift card mailed out to you after purchase,
Subtract the $75 Let’s Talk Instant Discount (which ends today),
Subtract $25 for an additional Let’s Talk Instant Discount (also ends today),
All of this nets you a $0.01c phone… but this is where the tricky part comes in…

Finally, enter the $25 off coupon I showed you above, and BAM! You’ve got yourself an extra $25!

I can’t say for sure that this is money-making scheme will be honoured by Walmart, but if you’re in the market for a WinPho7 device, you could do worse than try it out.

You can purchase it here, but make sure that you let us know of your success/failure in the comments, below.

[via WP Central]