Kwaga partners with Viadeo to add professional profiles to its semantic email filter

Kwaga, which offers a semantic toolkit to help manage email, is partnering with LinkedIn competitor Viadeo to make the social network’s 30m user profiles available within Gmail, with other email services to follow.

Specifically, Viadeo support is being rolled out first for Kwaga Context so that a sender’s Viadeo profile (if available) will be displayed, as well as other contextual information, at the bottom of each email inside of Gmail. Of note, Kwaga Context already supports LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

In addition to pulling in information about the sender from those supported social networks, Kwaga Context also offers a nifty feature that uses semantic technology to remind a user when important emails have been forgotten or to flag up emails that require more attention or a particular call to action. Think Gmail’s Priority Inbox but a lot smarter.

Another feature of Kwaga Context is the ability to add further contact details (based on those supported social networks) to Google Contacts with a single click.

Kwaga was founded in 2008 by Philippe Laval (founder and previously head of Sinequa, Enterprise semantic search engine vendor) and a team of software entrepreneur and computational linguistics specialists. The startup has won a number of French innovation awards (Oseo, Scientipole, Paris Innovation, Centre Français de l’innovation, Web 2.0), while both SeedCamp and Kima Ventures have provided seed-funding.