Skillendar is like a for service providers

Skillender recently launched the beta version of its site. It’s a place to share your “skills” but with the added element of your availability.

One the one hand if you are a someone with the skils to provide (like a builder), Skillender is little like a “Tungle for Skills” allowing you to say when you’re available to be hired (although if I know most consultants, that usually means any time). You put in when you are available and in come the requests for jobs based on availability – in theory.

On the other hand, for the people looking for others with skills to provide, it’s a way of booking service providers via an availability calendar. This mimicks the traditional flight or hotel booking system.

Notionally, competitors would be Rated People (job postings), My Hammer (jobs and bids), (directory) and Zazuba (appointments for shops).

However, the real question is when do they take off? Without skills providers (tradesmen?) there database will be empty. They have 43 friends on Facebook. And 67 Twitter followers. Looks like it’s early days for Skillendar.