FCC Wants Net Neutrality Wrapped Up By December

A report in the Financial Times suggests that Net Neutrality may, once again, be on the docket. The FCC is looking to have everything wrapped up as early as its December 15 meeting. Whether or not that actual happens—there have been several false starts, of course—who knows?

I’m not even to going explain Net Neutrality again, but what’s most interesting with this latest report is that the major ISPs really aren’t against the idea. If the ISPs are fine with Net Neutrality, then where’s the controversy?

(Comcast is particularly happy since the new rules would be in effect for all the nation’s ISPs and not just Comcast. Comcast needs to get on the government’s good side in order for its merger with NBC Universal to go through.)

The FCC is particularly concerned that ISPs will play favorites when it comes to all these new online video streaming services, like Hulu and Roku. If your ISP seriously degrades the quality of Service A, then you’re pretty much forced to go with Service B, which, conveniently enough, pays $X-Amount to the ISP for the rights to have MEGA QUALITY.

So, I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks what happens, particularly with the new dynamics in Congress.