ScottEVest Carry-On Coat: You've Got The Whole World, Near Your Waist

Oh Scott Jordan, is there anything you can’t stick into your coat? The Carry-On Coat is the latest addition to the SeV family and boy does it look exciting. The coat allows you to carry pretty much anything – including, apparently, shirts and ties – right in the lining of your jacket. Priced at $225 it’s a little up there but not as expensive as a nicer trench without all the pockets.

This coat with 33 Pockets can replace a carry-on! It includes the TravelSmartSystem™ and many other unique travel pockets
The ultimate in travel clothing: The Carry-On Coat is specially engineered to carry wardrobe items, toiletries, travel essentials and more
This is the SeV coat the airlines don’t want you to know about Why pay for a checked bag or carry-on when you can easily wear everything you need?
Hidden pockets keep your travel documents and valuables secure
Just send the coat through the x-ray at security – saves time and money for extra bag fees
Includes patented Personal Area Network (PAN)
Incorporates clear touch fabric interior pockets, weight management system and NoBulge™ pocket design
High-quality waterproof, breathable Teflon®-treated material
Storm collar with button tab helps protect against the elements
Magnetic storm flap & pocket closures
Most sizes are iPad Compatible
Machine Washable

I wear SeV all winter and I love most of the gear so you really can’t go wrong here. If you need something a little less trench-coaty, give the Outback Jacket a whirl. Otherwise, you can slap this thing on so you can feel like Dabney Coleman in Cloak and Dagger.

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