Six Million Dollar Man Sees Complete Collection DVD Release, Fans Rush To Lee Majors’ Defense

A new DVD release has captured the attention of the American nation. The Six Million Dollar Man, one of the first prominent science fiction-y television shows in history, is now available. The new collection, officially called The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection, includes 40 DVDs with every single episode of the show right there for you. It’s the first time the complete collection has been made available.

It’s a very big deal for fans.

Fez Whatley, co-host of the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius XM and noted Lee Majors fan (Majors plays Steve Austin, the show’s central character), greeted the news with great enthusiasm, calling Majors the “top TV action star of all time.”

Whatley dismissed the idea that other TV action stars were better than Majors. BA Baracus, of A-Team fame, needed an entire team behind him to get anything done, and that the Incredible Hulk’s lousy paint did him no favors.

Whatley, who is also a noted Batman fan, has said in recent days that his anti-movie protest will continue as a result of the exclusion of The Riddler from the next Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.