STAVI: Japan Gets New Mobility Robot

We’ve covered quite a few mobility robots from Japan in the past months, and now Sanwa Hitech [JP] is presenting yet another model. Their so-called Stavi (short for “Standing Vehicle”) is a successor to the RODEM, a robot that we covered in June this year. The Stavi can be used while standing, and it can also be accessed easily by persons sitting in wheel chairs (see the graphic below).

The joystick-controlled robot is mainly designed for use by older people or those who have trouble walking by themselves.

It has the following specs:

  • 24V/6.7Ah battery (charging time: 3 hours)
  • 240W motor
  • travel range: about 10km
  • tire size: 16 inches
  • top speed: 4.5km/h
  • size: 800mmx1,250×1,200mm

Sanwa plans to start mass-production of the Stavi in summer next year and wants to market it to medical institutions and nursing homes. The company expects the final price to be around $6,000.