4th Amendment Wear: So The TSA Has Something To Read While Groping You

Just the other day, we saw the boxer-briefs with built-in radiation-blocking fig leaf. If that was a little too Biblical for you (or you just didn’t like the style), check out these sweet 4th Amendment shirts, printed with a metallic dye that will show up on scans.

Of course, the backscatter and millimeter wave machines they’re using are apparently barely high-resolution enough to detect a knife, to say nothing of make out individual letters, but it’s the thought that counts. Plus, the kids’ version is awesome.

They sell via Etsy for somewhat more than you’d normally pay for a t-shirt. Hey, who said patriotism would be cheap? Of course, if they’re reading the shirt, it means you’ve already given in. Shame!

[via Reddit, also thanks anonymous tipster!]