GMBHnews turns any blog into a mobile site – for a price

GMBHnews, from Otzberg, Germany-based Omer Networks, has launched as a quick and easy way for publishers to create and monetize mobile versions of their website. It does this through a near idiot-proof setup ‘wizard’ that asks for the site’s name, URL, RSS feed and Google Mobile AdSense code (if applicable).

However, the fact that it’s RSS-driven would seem to suggest that GMBHnews is primarily aimed at bloggers, which if the case, begs the question: why not just install, say, a free WordPress mobile site plug-in and be done. Apparently, that’s still too complicated for some publishers, claims the startup.

Instead, GMBHnews says there’s a need for a solution that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, such as how to install and configure a plug-in. Even if that solution starts from $9/month for up to 5,000 monthly page views, right up to $499/month for an unlimited plan aimed at blog networks.

That said, GMBHnews says it takes as little as 2 minutes to create a mobile version of a site and offers a full free 30-day trial. Of note, GMBHnews also operates a mobile site directory of the same name.

Check out the ever so slightly cheesy demo video below.