Video: The Android Garage Door Opener Is the Coolest App You Can't Have

Oh, XDA-Developers, how I love thee. You’re a haven for hardcore handset hackers everywhere, with much of the ROM hackery that makes our Android handsets oh-so-much better going on within your virtual walls. Every once in a while, though, ROM hackers get bored of the same stuff day-in-day-out — and when they do, awesome stuff like this Android-based garage door opener is born.

Now, before you get too excited: you probably can’t make use of this. Garage door openers don’t exactly offer up WiFi/Bluetooth support, you know? As such, the project’s builder, JsChiSurf, had to hack up a fairly specific setup; there’s a linux box in there, a serial port interface chip, some fancy wiring — long story short, most people just aren’t set up this way. You’ll have to look on in awe as JsChiSurf opens and closes his garage from his Evo, marveling at the clever proximity/PIN-based security system that prevents him from opening his garage to thieves when he’s half a world away. Don’t worry — we’re jealous too.

[Via Android Central]