Video: This Is How Good The Unreal Engine Can Be

So many video games have used the Unreal Engine over the years, including, of course, Unreal, as well as Epic Games’ other big series, Gears of War. Then there’s the BioShock games, Mass Effect. Even Namco’s new Enslaved: Odyssey to the West uses it. So, presenting a new trailer showing off just what Unreal Engine 3 can do.

One thing Unreal Engine 3 doesn’t use: DX 11. Come on, my Radeon needs something interesting thrown at it (and by that I don’t mean halved framerates as a result of the F1 2010 patch).

In any event, one year ago Epic Games released the UDK, the free version of the engine for your tinkering. Today it goes into full-fledged beta, so huzzah!