Virgin's All-Digital Magazine To Debut Next Week

We heard back in July that Virgin was working on a digital-only magazine, much like the upcoming iPad-only The Daily from News Corp. It was supposed to launch in October, according to the rumors then, but you know how things go, and it looks like the end of November (Tuesday the 30th, to be precise) is the new go time.

The new magazine will cover “entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture.” No breaking news, I guess, and interestingly, not technology. It’s probably a good idea for them to pick their battles; Virgin’s media holdings might not put up much of a fight against News Corp’s when it comes to certain topics.

The Yahoo! News report calls the project “Project,” but we heard it’s called “Maverick.” To be honest, I don’t like either one. I liked the idea of News Corp’s mag being called The Daily Planet, though that might be more suited to Virgin’s, since Richard Branson is an actual spaceman.

It’s not clear whether it would be iPad-only, tablet-only, or just online-only. We’ll know more come Tuesday.