Acer Liquid Metal may be coming to AT&T and/or T-mobile?

If you cast your mind back to October, you may recall talk of Acer’s Liquid Metal handset hitting the FCC.

Well, at a press conference in New York City last week, a senior Acer official mentioned that Acer are in the process of evaluating the device for possible release in the US.

As it’s a GSM device, it will only be able to play nice with AT&T or T-mobile, neither of which have commented on getting the device, so all we have is speculation for the time being.

To jog your memory, the device runs the same 800MHz processor seen in the T-mobile G2 (or Desire Z, if you prefer), a 3.6″ 800×480 display, 5MP camera, Bluetooth, WiFi b/g/n, GPS, and DLNA/uPnP support, all atop Android 2.2.

Oh, and a slick stainless steel back to compliment your choice of a silver or brown handset colour.

The device is currently available in France, and hopes to make it over to the UK soon, too.

We’ll keep you posted with any details surrounding a US release.

[via Android Community]