Android Honeycomb Gets Caught Tinkering With Performance Tests [Update: Aaaand it's fake.]

Good news, everyone! Google’s going to keep working on Android after the upcoming Gingerbread (v2.3) release! Oh, we knew that?

Oh, well they’re probably going to codename the next build Honeycomb! Oh, we knew that too?

Here’s one you probably didn’t know: an early build (or two) of Honeycomb just got spotted in some logs whilst someone (presumably a Google engineer) was testing its Adobe AIR performance.

A bit of backstory: Android can run Adobe AIR apps. Adobe built a tool called AirBenchmark which lets users test just how well AIR runs on their respective Android handset and send those results back to Adobe, so that they know which handsets need work.

From there, we just gotta dig around the results history page to turn up some interesting gems. Take this one, for example: it is, at least according to the data pulled from the handset’s ROM, a build of Honeycomb running on a Nexus One. There are at least two other builds of Honeycomb in there, also running on the Nexus One.

So what can we gather from this? Well, it seems like at least one person at Google has Honeycomb up and running on their device — but really, we probably could have assumed as much. However, that they’re testing it on the Nexus One is good news — at least for Nexus One owners. The Nexus One is presumably going to stop getting updates eventually… but right now, it doesn’t look like Gingerbread will be its last.

Update: Sad Trombone. According to Frandroid, this was just an attempt to see how easy it was to fake out Adobe’s tool.

[Thanks D.]