HTC Merge Accessories Start Trickling Into Stores

At this point, there’s not much we don’t know about Verizon’s upcoming Android piece, the HTC Merge. We know what it looks like from just about every angle, have seen it both rendered and real, and we’ve even got a pretty good idea of what the specs will be. If you want one, you probably know it by now — and you’re probably waiting on the edge of your seat.

Unfortunately, this update isn’t going to make the edge of your seat any less painful.

Somewhere, out there, some dude — not an HTC employee, nor a Verizon employee — is carrying around a Merge. Why? Because it was his job. He had to carry it; he had to measure it; he had to wrap it from edge to edge in silicone. That, friends, is the duty of a third-party case maker.

So he carried it. He measured it. He wrapped it… and then they shipped it. For reasons inexplicable (though it’s a surprisingly common scenario), a bunch of cases for the HTC Merge have just started arriving at retail spots… before the device has been officially announced.

Could this mean the Merge is coming soon? Sure. Could it just as well mean that the Merge was supposed to have launched, but someone didn’t get the memo about the delay? Absolutely. Either way, it means that some dude is rockin’ an HTC Merge. Your HTC Merge. Enjoy the edge of your seat!

[Via AndroidCentral]