Power TV: Toshiba Announces Battery-Powered LCD TVs

Innovation in the TV space isn’t just about 3D these days. Toshiba today announced [press release in English] the so-called Power TV series, whose most interesting range (the PC1) consists of two devices. What’s special is that the PC1 Power TVs feature an integrated battery – a world’s first, according to Toshiba.

Not too surprisingly, the LCDs are designed for use in places with “tough infrastructure conditions”. Once charged, the battery can power a TV for about 2 hours, which is long enough for a soccer game or most movies.

The devices also come with an “Auto Signal Booster” that comes into play when signals are weak and an “Auto View” function that adjusts picture settings automatically to help save electricity. Both TVs also feature LED backlight.

Toshiba is currently preparing REGZA PC1 Power TVs sized at 24 and 32 inches. They will hit selected markets in Asia next year (prices: $290 for the 24-incher, $400 for the bigger model).