Sprint 4G Goes Live In SF Next Month, LA, Miami, D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus Today

Just last week, we were watching as Sprint rather suggestively compared the size of their “pipe” to the size of their competitors “pipe” as part of their prep work for 4G in LA. Today, all that pipe-laying comes to fruition; Sprint 4G has just launched in Los Angeles — and they went ahead and flipped things on in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington D.C, and Miami as well, just for good measure.

Tucked into the announcement was some good news for San Franciscan’s, as well — hop behind the jump for that bit.

Short story shorter, Sprint’s going to be launching 4G in San Francisco on December 28th. If you’re an SF resident hoping that Santa brings around a Sprint 4G phone for Christmas, it looks like the deal just got a bit sweeter.