The Ocosmos OCS7, A Sacrifice To The MID Gods

The MID, mostly lately personified by devices from Archos and OQO, is very close to being an extinct category of device. I don’t see that as sad, exactly — we’ve just moved on to better devices. But I do feel a pang of pity for the final generation of this once-loved form factor. The OCS7 looks like a slick little device — or would have a year or two ago, when devices like this were still considered practical.

I mean, look at it. It’s like a hyper-powered PSP that runs Windows 7, or a custom flavor of it anyway. To some people that’s a dream gadget, but to most, it’s an overcomplicated device with the worst of both worlds.

It’s got some nice specs and probably runs Windows 7 pretty well, and the case looks pretty sweet, but at this point, it’s like they’re tricking out a horse-drawn buggy. I’m guessing they’ll actually sell quite a few to enthusiasts over in Korea and other areas where MIDs are still a viable category (I doubt this one would even have come to the US anyway), but it’s probably one of the last of its kind.

Update: looks like there’s an OCS1 and an OCS7. The translations are pretty unclear, and they appear to be gaming-oriented devices… but at any rate, they’re still an endangered species.

[via UMPC Portal and GigaOm]