2.5 Million Kinects Sold (So Far)

A mighty impressive 2.5 million Kinects have been sold so far. An even mightier impressive 4.1 Sony Moves have been sold, but that’s been available since September. Translation? People, for whatever reason, are still enthralled with motion control. And here I thought people got their rocks off with Wii Bowling a few years back, but apparently not.

At the current rate, Microsoft would sell some 5 million Kinects this quarter alone.

Target said the Kinect will be must-buy gift this holiday season.

Clearly Kinect (and the Move, to a smaller extent) is a hot seller, but will it end up like Call of Duty: Black Ops? A giant first few weeks (days in CODBLOPS’ case), then a trailing off?

I’ve no horse in this race, but best of luck to everyone. Just as I could never watch Dancing With The Stars and derive entertainment out of it, I’m not too keen on this motion stuff.

Different strokes, etc.