Apple To PhotoFast: Stop Making MacBook Air SSD Upgrade Kits That Make Ours Look Like Rubbish

Looks like Apple is playing the heel again. It has asked PhotoFast to stop producing its 256MB SSD upgrade kits for the new MacBook Air. Boos can be heard all over the arena Why, Apple, why? Why’d you do?

Well, nobody knows. Well, nobody outside of Apple and maybe PhotoFast.

You can see why PhotoFast would want to comply with the request: risk Apple’s ire, and PhotoFast could see its MFi license (the license that lets it produce Apple-approved accessories) revoked! That wouldn’t be beneficial, no.

Shame, too: the upgrade kits looked pretty good, with writes times up to 250MB/s. (Apple’s SSDs peak at 160MB/s.) So, faster write times and enough storage to not radically alter the way you use your computer.

But no, the dream has died.