Give Your Wireless Apple Keyboard The Power Of Numbers

The wireless Apple Keyboard is a fantastic device. It didn’t work so well for me in a Windows environment, but it’s a cult favorite — especially in HTPC circles. But it lacks a number pad. Well, it doesn’t come with a number pad by design, but there are certainly times when one would come in handy for some users. Tax time, playing Math Blasters, and for the few times a year you dust of Excel and play around in a spreadsheet.

That’s where this number keypad comes in. It’s from some random company, LMP if you wanna know, and recently made its way through the bowels of the FCC. It seems to use some sort of collar to attach itself to the original wireless Apple Keyboard. Connectivity is done through Bluetooth and it’s powered from two AA batteries. Of course since this thing is currently just in the post-FCC portion of its lifecycle, I can’t dig up the US pricing, release date and expected retail channels. But sometime, hopefully, Apple Wireless Keyboards will have a number pad to go dancing with a few nights of the year. [FCC via WirelessGoodness]