iPad Camera Provider (Probably Not) Selected

Shama Largan Ding Dong?

Digitimes, whose news we need to take with a grain of salt, is reporting that Largan Precision is making the cameras for the so-called iPad 2. If you read the Digitimes statement, they’re basically saying that Largan Precision is declining to state whether they are making the part or not in a Taiwan Stock Exchange. Largan reportedly makes the 5-megapixel cameras for the iPhone 4.

The problem is that many doubt the iPad 2 will have a rear camera. So what is this strange camera? A VGA model for FaceTime? Pointing to another line in the filing, Digitimes stated:

In order to focus on high-resolution lens modules, Largan will outsource production of VGA models for use in tablet PCs instead of producing in-house, the sources indicated. In light of growing demand for tablet PCs, Largan’s shipments of related lens modules are expected to account for 10-20% of its consolidated revenues in 2011, the sources said.

So basically you’re dealing with two bits of info: Largan may or may not make iPhone cameras and Langan is planning to stick those same cameras into a tablet. Then you put the two together and you get a nice bump in share price for Largan and we learn nothing new about the iPad 2 except that, as we suspected, it will probably have a camera. Thanks, Internet!

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