Make Your Own Moog

Old Bill’s Effectology series is getting more and more complex. Take this post, for example. It allows you to turn a guitar into a Moog synthesizer using a bunch of EHX pedals. Obviously not everyone can recreate Switched-On Bach with a git-fiddle and some boxes, but darn it, isn’t it great that someone somebody tried?

Writes Bill:

If you are guitar player and use effect pedals, you owe a lot to the development of modular synthesizers.

The modular synthesizer consists of separate specialized modules connected by patch cords. Combining the signals generated by multiple modules into a common audio output allows a potentially infinite number of configurations, leading to a potentially infinite number of sounds.

Modules consist of oscillators, filters, envelope generators, ring modulators, noise sources, LFOs and more. The effect pedals used by guitar players accomplish many of those same things and can be patched together just as it’s done on a Moog modular synthesizer.

When you look down at your pedal board, what you see are really the building blocks of a modular synthesizer.