The Best Black Friday Story, Hands Down

Reader Grant posted this comment when I asked for great Black Friday stories. His is the greatest:

some friends and I were hanging out, buying random stuff on Newegg, until about 11:30 on thursday. We then decided to head out to the mall area, and the lines were so long we wondered what to do. We were driving my Ford E-350 van, and the cargo bay happened to be full of about 30 two pound cooking pumpkins. What did we do? We pulled my van up to people in the lines, jumped out of the bay doors, shouted out “Everyone gets a pumpkin!”, handed pumpkins to everyone, then drove off, shouting “PUMPKIN MOBILE, OUT!”

We got a mention in the local paper.

From the story:

There were odd moments in the wee hours. At one point, a car showed up. Four guys got out and started giving shoppers small pumpkins.

“They just handed us pumpkins,” said Sargent. “I don’t know (why).”

“Pumpkin Mobile, out” is how I’m hanging up the phone from now on.