Wikileaks Now Facing Denial Of Service Attack

Only a few hours after rocking the boat, Wikileaks now finds itself on the business end of a denial of service attack. Access to the site is spotty right now, which would make sense given that the attack is “now exceeding 10 Gigabits a second.” Someone out there is ticked off, but who?

We already know that China has banned state media from reporting on the leak—a tactic I’m sure certain congressmen would like to emulate. But do you really see China, with all of its resources, stooping to a denial of service attack like some maladjusted teenager?

Iran, hilariously, said the leak was nothing more than a work designed to garner sympathy for the US.

In any event, Wikileaks has given no indication as to who might be behind the attack, although I’m sure there are Hollywood screenwriters right now trying to quickly pen a script in which, I don’t know, the Bilderberg Group are both responsible for the leak itself and then the coverup.