Has Nasa Found A New Type Of Life Right Here On Earth?

There’s several big announcements coming up later today. The biggest is probably the World Cup bids, and the tension is evident. (More on that later.) Then we’ve got UFC‘s Chael Sonnen appearing before the California State Athletic Commission to explain his elevated testosterone levels during his fight with Anderson Silva back in August. Last, Nasa. Yes, somehow Nasa has rubbed two nickels together and has very possibly found something truly exciting—a new form of life! Gather ’round, put down your copy of Angry Birds, and let’s sing a song.

The deal is that Nasa has found a bacteria in a lake in California whose DNA uses arsenic. WHAT?! Yes, arsenic. We know of no other life on this planet whose DNA uses arsenic.

In a sense it means we have no idea what we’re talking about, generally speaking. We spend so much time (and money) trying to find earth-like planets in habitable zones, insisting that liquid water, carbon and all those fun, familiar elements are vital for life.

Well maybe not? I’ve always liked to entertain the idea that maybe there’s some form of life somewhere that works in a completely different manner. Instead of life being found on some Earth 2, maybe it’ll just be so different that we can’t wrap our heads around it?

It’s an exciting possibility, if nothing else.

Nasa’s full announcement happens later today, so I’ll report back here when that all goes down.

(Any of you know where the photo is from? I’m looking for the name of the movie, not the name of the body of water itself.)

Correct, the answer is Solaris. Nothing was at stake, mind you, but kudos!