iTunes Connect Goes Down, Leaving iOS Developers In The Dark [Update: Back up!]

Hey, iOS developers: don’t panic. You’re not the only one.

For everyone wondering what the heck I’m talking about: This morning, app developers are waking up to a rather worrying error message waiting for them in iTunes Connect, the tool Apple provides for devs to submit new applications, monitor sales, generate promo codes, and other such every day tasks. According to iTunes Connect:

“Your account is in the process of being set up, please return in 24 hours.”

Judging by our tips inbox, this error has a good number of developers pretty worked up. Some are worried that they’ve been banned from the App Store; others are freaking out at the idea that all of their sales might be gone.

If past occurrences are any indication, everything should be just fine. This has only happened once or twice as far as I can remember — but when it did, everything returned to normal within around 8-12 hours.

Update: Looks like it’s back up, and everything seems a-okay. Carry on!