LovePlus: Konami's Dating Sim Gets Otaku Cell Phone Chargers

In September last year, Konami Japan released a dating simulation called LovePlus that went on to become a huge hit on the Nintendo DS. It’s so successful that last November, a Japanese man married a character from the game. Now Konami decided to give a merchandising license to Tokoy-based Webcrew Agency [JP], which today announced cell phone chargers [JP] based on LovePlus.

There are three main characters in the game, all of whom get a model (Rinko, Manaka, Nene). Technically, buyers get batteries (rebranded units made by Tennrich) that are just 7mm slim and weigh only 40g. Apart from a cute pouch, Webcrew throws in a set of adapters that make them compatible to Japanese feature phones, the iPhone 3G/3GS/4, the Xperia, the Nintendo DS (various models) etc.

According to the company, smartphones get an extra 2 hours of juice when you use the battery.

Pre-orders started today in Japan (price: $64). All of you Otaku can contact specialized online stores like Rinkya to get one for you when Webcrew starts shipping the batteries in February next year.