Droid 2 Mysteriously (And Allegedly) Blows Up In Some Guy's Ear

As someone who plays with phones for a living, having a phone blow up in my face is quite honestly one of my worst fears. The list pretty much goes:

      1. Have my passport stolen at some international tradeshow
      2. Show up to CES without pants on
      3. Have a cell phone explode in my face

This guy is (allegedly) living my nightmare. No, no, not the whole CES-without-pants thing; the third one. According to this Fox 4 report (video behind the cut), his Motorola Droid 2 decided to cut his conversation off early.. by bursting (again, allegedly) next to his ear.

Motorola says they’re reaching out to the guy, and that they’re investigating what might have happened. Though they almost certainly wouldn’t, I do hope that Motorola shares the results of their digging; I’ve certainly got a few questions about the whole thing. What the hell could have exploded with such force near the ear piece? If it were a capacitor, the phone likely wouldn’t boot anymore (the couple says it still works); if it were the battery, it’d be on the entirely opposite side of the phone.

What’s your theory? Drop it in a comment below.

Update: Curious as to what’s behind the screen in that spot on a Droid 2? Here you go.