Photo Report: CrunchGear Visits Tokyo-Based Tech Company Ubiquitous Entertainment

Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Entertainment creates many things: applications for the iPhone and iPad (iTunes), cell phone games, websites, SDKs, and even hardware. Reason enough for me to pay them a visit a couple of days ago in their brand new office, which is located a stone’s throw away from Akihabara, Japan’s tech and Otaku capital.

Here are a few pictures I took at their office (the official Ubiquitous Entertainment in English is here). What you see above is the slightly futuristic entrance area by the way.

Part of the office space (the company employs 60 people):

Robots in the conference room:

Pioneer’s Cyberboard touch screen for demos etc.:

Entertainment space with, complete with tatami mats:

Bed room with 4 beds (for hard-working male employees):

Separate bed room with 2 beds (for female employees):

Office of Ubiquitous Entertainment CEO Ryo Shimizu:

Remote-controlled (and speaking) robot Nabaztag:

When Shimizu has guests in the conference room, he fires up an app on his iPhone, asking for drinks. In the picture below, you can see his request for 6 cups of tea:

And this video shows how the Nabaztag instantly passes on instructions to employees sitting in the office: