Video: Screw Call Of Duty. All The Cool Kids Play Techno Kitten Adventure.

For some inexplicable reason (shock, perhaps), I’m unable to conjure up anything resembling a standard post for this. Instead, I’m going to share the train of thought I had while watching this video. A not-so-live blog, of sorts.

  • [0:00-0:10] Pfft, Black Ops wallpaper. Nerd alert. (Walks over to 360, gets rid of the Black Ops wallpaper its been running for weeks)
  • [0:10] Techno Kitten Adventure, eh? Loading screen.. here it comes.
  • [0:13] Oh.. oh my god.
  • [0:17] Purchased.

I spent the remaning 4 minutes dancing. Does this video need to be nearly 4 1/2 minutes long? Nope. But the Lord Of The Rings trilogy didn’t need to be 9 hours long, either; furry-footed dudes go for a walk, hang out with some little drug-addled hunchback, throw the ring into Mt. Doom, roll credits. (BTW, spoiler alert.) It’s only 80 Xbox credits, which I think works out to like 38 Chuck E. Cheese tickets or something (read: It’s a buck). If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my Techno Kitten on.

[Via Reddit]