The ONA Union Street Messenger Bag Looks Waxily Amazing

I’ve been on the lookout for a nice waxed canvas messenger bag over the last few weeks, and this one from ONA looks like it might really hit the spot. Waxwear finish, removable laptop compartment, brass fittings… it’s like they pulled it fully formed from my mind.

SlashGear has a nice hands-on, which alerted me to the bag’s existence, and we might even have a review ourselves one of these days.

Of course, it’s expensive: $279. But that’s really par for the course when you’re talking about waxed canvas bags. You can easily pay twice that for a smaller bag if you go for Jack Spade or other high-end retailers. I just can’t get enough of that finish, though! I’d drape myself in waxed canvas if it were socially acceptable. But that might make me look a little too rugged.